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Piano and  Composition Tuition



Mark's Compositions

"My goal is to help my students develop a love and passion for music. In addition to developing a sound technique, I encourage aspiring pianists to play with expression and an ear to the beauty of the music.

Although classical music is the foundation, I introduce my students to a broad variety of pieces, in order for them to appreciate many different genres.

My hope is that no matter what path my students pursue, they will have gained a lasting enjoyment of music and an ability to play long after the lessons have ended."


Alice Moore (Christ Church, Oxford)

"Just to let you know I got into Oxford (to study for a music degree), so thank you so much for your help." 


Emie Wang (Royal College of Music) 


"Mark has been giving my son music lessons for two and a half years, once a week, one and a half hours each time, including piano, music theory, and composition. My son enjoyed his lessons very much, even music theory became an interesting subject by Mark's skillful teaching.

What impressed me the most was that he carefully protected my son's originality and individuality in his music composition while nurtured him with professional knowledge and techniques. With Mark's guidance and support, my son has achieved Grade 5 Merit in Music Theory, Grade 5 Distinction in Piano.

This year my son was accepted by RCM Junior Department at the age of eight and a half to study composition and piano. We feel lucky that my son has had such an excellent teacher".

John Beeson


"Professional and inspiring. Has a lot of experience and excellent exam results. Highly recommended!"

Jayne McCarthy


"Mark taught me as an adult beginner for a number of years, and I found his lessons productive and friendly.

As my ability improved, he was flexible enough to allow me to try out contemporary songs that I wanted to learn."

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