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Mark has a long list of compositions to his credit. These include works for symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, cathedral organ, and piano as well as some electronic music.


Award-winning works include:


“The catch” for piano. Jim Petry memorial prize 1st prize (16 years old)

“The City Awakes” for organ. Hastings Festival 1st prize

“Fragments of summer” for piano. Hastings Festival 1st prize

“Time Melt” for chamber orchestra. Marturet prize 1st prize


Commissions include work for APL/MRM advertising, Black Sheep multi-media company, various festivals and even the RAF Association.


If you are interested in commissioning a composition please contact him directly. See contact page.

"Galactic"  (Exposition  only)






"Polyphony" (Complete)


Trio for strings (Complete)


"A Fairy's Child"  (complete)





"A Spanish Farwell"  (Complete)

"Interlude" for piano as played by Maria Marchant's "7 Notes in 7 Days at 7 pm".

Recent compositions and  commissions

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A Spanish FarewellMaster
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A Fairy's Child
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Homage to Tippett
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