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Abi Gilchrist

Micah Rose-Trespeuch

James Pirot

Past Students

Vanessa Best

Mark taught Abi piano, music theory and composition from 1990-1995. Abi was 12 when she started lessons with Mark and had already shown great talent as a singer/soloist. Abi went on to study at the Guildhall School of Music. She is now a professional singer-songwriter with her own band, Seduce. Abi also runs The London Soul Choirs.

Micah started piano lessons with Mark aged 4, and went on to pass his grade 8 when he was still only 12 years old! Mark also taught Micah theory and composition up until 16.

He has recently graduated with a degree in music and has started his career as a professional musician and music teacher.

James studied grade 8 piano and A'level composition with Mark before going off to study music at university.

Vanessa is an aspiring piano teacher and studied grade 8 piano and grade 6 music theory with Mark, passing both with merit!

Harry Kelleher

Congratulations to Harry on passing his ABRSM grade 8 piano exam with a distinction at the end of 2012. He will be applying for a Cambridge University choral scholarship in 2013.

Leslie Townsend

Mark taught Leslie composition and helped him with his GCSE and A'level Music. Leslie is now a professional violinist playing with the Halcyon String Quartet.

Frank Lockett

Frank studied piano from the age of 7 and, later, music theory and composition with Mark up to the age of 18. He is currently studying music at Sussex University.

Vincent Wang

Congratulations to Vincent on being offered a place at the Royal College of Music, Junior Department, to study composition, starting in September 2017. A considerable achievement for an 8-year-old!

Alice Moore

Alice studied piano with Mark during primary school, then later, while  in the sixth form, helping her with her grade 8 which she passed with a distinction.

He also help Alice with her A Level music, in particular composition.


She has been offered a place at Oxford University to study Music.

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